Donating Designs

If you had not seen on our Facebook page, we at Boscastle Design donated a sweet little seagull (Now named Petroc) to the lovely Wave Project. This is a non-profit charity where they share their love for the sea with children from all backgrounds, ages, abilities and teach them to surf in the hopes of building their confidence and self-esteem in a positive and safe environment, where they can be themselves.

Here at Boscastle Design, we are strong believers in designing with a positive purpose. By this we mean to design in hopes to create a positive impact socially, enviornmentally or economically – Which is why we were thrilled to donate this little seagull to the Wave Project  shop / HQ in oder to help them raise further funds and to help more children. This is a limited edition t-shirt so if your are interested in getting involved and maybe purchasing a t-shirt we recommend you do it fast!


Busy Busy Bee


It’s been a while! I have been away in Exeter working for a design studio during the past few months and now I am back and in action! How have you all been?

I have a few projects in the mix, both collaborative, in-house and local! that I can’t wait to share when they are all done. For now, I have shared with you a poster I had the honour of designing for the Exeter Symphony Orchestra. It was a great project that really allowed me to sink my teeth into and create something truly vibrant and engaging for them, so check it out!

Why we love Cornwall: Part three

The seagulls here are notorious for dive-bombing anyone with a bag of chips or pasty and can create all levels of mayhem when they choose to. However, these flying rats with wings also remind us at Boscastle Design that we finally live right by the sea! Living by the ocean has been a very big dream for us and those flying buzzards with their very loud squaks, remind us that each and every day!

Because of this we decided to create some illustrations / logos devoted to them! (Crazy we know).

Go check’em out!


Introducing our design packages!

Our creative packages are designed to help break down our services into understandable and easy solutions! During our time at the @BreakthroughCornwall workshop, we met new businesses that want to brand their companies but are not sure where to start, what it involves, what they should include or what is included! Because of this and because most of our clientele have been new businesses, we wanted to design some creative packages that break down our services into simple bullet-points. This way our current and potential clients know exactly what is involved per each creative solution.

The packages are also very flexible and if there is anything else that you require and are not mentioned in any of our packages do not hesitate to contact us and ask! We are more than happy to alter packages so that they are customised to meet all of your requirements.
cover page

Breakthrough workshop

Recently we attended a two-day workshop ran by  ‘Breakthrough’. This company focuses on helping local businesses in Cornwall startup, create connections, learn techniques to help with finance and provide key tools to help your business thrive! We attended this amazing workshop so that we could expand our skills and improve our services as a company so that it works better for you!

During our time there, we made some great connections with some amazing and incredibly friendly businesses which we look forward to working with them in the near future!


Why we love Cornwall: The people

A few weeks back I was surfing down at one of my local breaks… Such an amazing thing to be able to say ‘At one of my local breaks’. I am So grateful to live minutes from the sea now. Anyway, Back to the story! It was a gloomy Friday afternoon – but the waves were small, mellow and welcoming. Paddling into the line-up, I found my own little patch and had some ‘me time’ A break from designing and brainstorming.  As the periods between sets became few and far between, I decided to catch one in and get warm again!

On my walk back along the beach to my car, I met two lovely chaps who were chilling out by their van and having a nice warm brew. They were intrigued by my aqua-pack that was strapped to my arm and asked if I wanted a hot coffee from their van! Just like that! I raced back to my car and quickly got changed to find a brew waiting for me at their van. It’s incredible how in Cornwall you can literally make friends with anyone anywhere.

The chaps names were Badger and Paul. Badger is an old school longboard surfer, the shortest board he has ever owned was in the range of 7ft and his largest, well over 9ft. Longboards are all he knew and his knowledge on the local spots to go to on stormy days were gold!  Paul was a lover of the surf and sea kayaking. His passion brought him to Cornwall any chance he could get in his trusty van that he had made his mini home.

It’s so strange to be so overly happy about the kindness I find when surfing, it is an even stranger thing that I haven’t seen or experience as much kindness anywhere else in the country and this is one of the many things I love about Cornwall.

Amongst my projects, I have done some illustration work inspired by Badger and his surfing. Go check it out!